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2012-videodateKeeanga-Yamhatta Taylor delivers her 2016 keynote address, “Organizing in the Era of Black Lives Matter.”

2012-videodateKaren Scharff delivers her Justice Works 2016 welcome address.

2012-videodateCitizen Action’s president, Ivette Alfonso, welcomes attendees to Justice Works 2016.

2012-videodateAlicia Garza delivers her 2015 keynote address, “#BlackLivesMatter: Not a Moment, a Movement.”

2012-videodateZephyr Teachout delivers her 2015 featured speech, “Illegitimate Power.”

2012-videodateKaren Scharff delivers her Justice Works 2015 welcome address.

2012-videodateMary Key Henry delivers her 2015 keynote address, “Journey Toward a Just Society.”

2012-videodateBill Fletcher, Jr. delivers his 2015 keynote address, “Building People Power: What Clues Can History Offer?”

2012-videodateDr. Imani Perry delivers her 2014 keynote address, “With Community and Justice for All: Post-Racist Organizing in the 21st Century.”

2012-videodate Ilyse Hogue delivers the Sunday keynote address, “Changing the Culture Through Changing the Conversation: The Rise of Online Dialogue in Shaping the Debate.”

2012-videodateRep. Paul Tonko opened Sunday morning with his address, “Renewing the Promise: Supporting a Progressive Vision for America that Celebrates Diversity and Empowers People.”

2012-videodateKaren Scharff welcomes attendees to Justice Works 2014.

2012-videodateDamon Silvers delivers a 2013 keynote address, “The Path to Shared Prosperity: Addressing Our Nation’s Solidarity Deficit.”

2012-videodateCongressman Paul Tonko welcomes Justice Works 2012 attendees to Albany.

2012-videodateCitizen Action of New York Executive Director Karen Scharff speaks about the progress made and the battles in the year ahead.

2011-videodateNew York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman delivered the conference’s dinner address, “Restoring New Yorkers’ Confidence in Government and the Economy.”

2011-videodateCitizen Action of New York Executive Director Karen Scharff addresses our unique moment to build the progressive movement in New York and America.

2011-videodateFormer USAction President, and Co-Director of Citizen Action/Illinois, William McNary delivered his inspirational address discussing the changing dynamics of progressive politics.

2011-videodateOn June 4 and 5, 2011, over 300 of New York’s leading progressive activists, from every corner of the state, converged upon Albany to share knowledge, skills, and inspiration at Justice Works: A Conference for Progressive New York. Kathy Sheehan, the Treasurer of the City of Albany, welcomed attendees to Albany.