Saturday – June 4, 2011

Registration 8:30am – 10:00am
Welcome 10:00am – 10:30am
Table Discussions/Exercise 10:30am – 11:15am
Keynote Address 11:15am – 12:00pm
Lunch & Plenary I 12:00pm – 1:15pm
Workshops I 1:15pm – 2:45pm
Workshops II 3:00pm – 5:00pm
Dinner 5:30pm – 7:00pm
Evening Activities 7:00pm – 11:00pm

Sunday – June 5, 2011

Nondenominational Service 7:30am – 8:15am
Citizen Action At-Large Director Election 8:00am – 8:30am
Breakfast 8:00am – 9:00am
Welcome & Agenda 9:00am – 9:15am
Morning Plenary 9:15am – 10:45am
Workshops III 11:00am – 12:30am
Lunch & Keynote 12:45pm – 2:15pm
Plenary 2:15pm – 3:30pm
Closing 3:30pm – 4:00pm


Plenaries at Justice Works are panel discussions of some of the top names in New York and national progressive politics. Panelists who have already been confirmed include Dr. L. Toni Lews, Chair of SEIU’s national Healthcare Division, William McNary, President of USAction, and Richard Kirsch, former Executive Director of Citizen Action of New York and former National Campaign Manager for Health Care for America Now! Justice Works plenaries will include:

Jobs and Race: A Growing National Crisis

Union’s Aren’t the Enemy: A Conversation Around the Right’s Coordinated Attack on Organized Labor

New York’s Progressive Movement: Looking at the Past to Guide Us into the Future


Each Justice Works participant will have the opportunity to attend three workshop sessions. Workshops have been organized into “tracks,” allowing participants who are interested in a single particular area of focus to attend three sessions on that topic. However, participants should feel free to attend any combination of workshops that are of interest. Please note that these workshops are still in development and are subject to change.

Track 1: The Skills That Move Us Toward Justice

Workshop 1: Recruiting and Coordinating Volunteers
Workshop 2: Organizing door-to-door mass outreach
Workshop 3: Developing a Field Plan for Civic Engagement Organizations (advanced)

Track 2: Education, Not Incarceration – the fight for justice in our schools and in our prison system.

Workshop 1: Organizing for a Quality Education: A Case study of the 2011 NYS Budget Battle and Next Steps
Workshop 2: Healthy Kids, Future Success: How health care impacts our kids opportunity to learn
Workshop 3: When Education Fails – We Must Do More
Workshop 3b: Ready for Kindergarten, College, and Careers – Quality Education for New York’s Kids

Track 3: Online Organizing

Workshop 1: Becoming Your Organization’s Digital Strategist
Workshop 2: Online to Offline: How to use the internet to mobilize the progressive movement. Case studies.
Workshop 3: The State of New York’s Netroots: How the internet is influencing public policy and politics in the Empire State. A conversation with New York’s top online organizers, political bloggers, and online opinion makers.

Track 4: By the People, for the People, OF THE PEOPLE: Electing Ourselves to Office

Workshop 1: Running Progressive in a Conservative World
Workshop 2: Making the Elections Ours: Reforming our Electoral System
Workshop 3: Using Elections to Win Campaigns. Case Study: Marriage Equality

Track 5: The Economy

Workshop 1: A 21st Century Economy for New York and America – Recovering from Recession, Advancing to Prosperity
Workshop 2: Economic Development across New York
Workshop 3: Telling Our Story: An Economy that Works for All of Us

Track 6: Energy and Jobs

Workshop 1: No Fracking Way
Workshop 2: Green Jobs, Green Homes: The new law in New York and what more needs to be done