How many votes is a tweet worth? Just ask Anthony Weiner! Attention to the use of social media in political campaigns has exploded, moving from national or nationally significant races to every corner of the country. Social media can reach more people for less money than any other method. But how can a local electoral campaign include social media strategy sustainably?

Join us as we address key questions and topics:

  • How much is social media worth compared to other campaign priorities?
  • What are examples of specific social media strategies, and how is that different that just having a social media presence?
  • Can volunteers staff my social media accounts?
  • What to do when your intern understands more about social media more than your campaign consultant, campaign manager and candidate all put together – but no one listens to her?
  • Fighting the boots on the ground bias: why field managers shouldn’t be in charge of social media
  • Fighting spokesperson’s bias: why press people are often wrong about social media
  • Soothing candidate’s social media phobia: the psychology of social media aversion

Presented by: Charles Lenchner of Organizing 2.0